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19 + 7 + 9!Kobe Bryant cut back to the master mode with the tacit understanding attachment of warcraft won praise

Posted Mar 11 2013 2:49am
The Los Angeles lakers continue in staples, against the Chicago bulls, and ultimately the lakers to a 90-81 victory over the bulls; Whole game, kobe Bryant play 40 minutes, 7, 16 shots of 3 4 in 1, 4 of 6 free throws, scored 19 points, nine assists and seven rebounds and two steals, when he is present, the margin 16 points, with positive Cheap Nike Air Max 97 and negative value is highest. The last two games, kobe Bryant, or the lakers, surrender the epic performance. Bryant for two consecutive games boom under 40 + 12 + assists (score), on the one do is Jordan (two consecutive) in 1989, Bryant is the NBA history get 40 + 10 + assists (score) the second player, is the oldest bird larry bird. Reverse the hornets 25 points, then reverse the raptors 15 points, kobe Bryant feel to in addition to happy, I'm afraid the most is tired. Today, before the game, the bulls coach thibodeau has made it clear that the bull will try my best to die defending Bryant. Sure enough, after getting into today's game, the bulls defense to give kobe a lot of pressure, this let his personal attack by certain restrictions, the first day he only 3 times, no hit. Of course, in the case of limited offensive, Bryant began to create opportunities for teammates, more except that his teammates don't seem to feel better, the lakers before seven three-pointers, none hit, especially Nike Air Max 360 CiShiPing, 0 for 4. But Bryant still have good interaction with Dwight Howard, and he also had two assists in first quarter. To 10 minute 03 seconds first quarter, Bryant using breakthrough, to attract the bull's defense, then pass to clark, cic clark hit, then kobe Bryant hit opportunely pass to Howard, Howard do violent dunk. The time section, Bryant seemed to restore sense, after playing again, hit two goals in a row, but then the bull during a small high tide, will take. When Bryant, at 20 feet standing on the three-point line hitting a ball, to score, then the lakers is six points ahead. In time before the end of the day, however, Bryant seems a bit depressed, after two consecutive hit kobe wants to lead in the last 11 seconds last wave attack, but CiShiPing cover up for him to do it, too, Bryant himself - deng directly to run down to the Nike Air Max 360 Mens ground, for an offensive foul, this led to dissatisfaction and complaints of kobe Bryant, back to their local has also been on the CiShiPing chanting. The end of the first half, the lakers ahead, 44-40. Today, in general, kobe Bryant must struggle, only 3 of 9 shots in the first half, only get 6 points, the difference between the first two games performance does is large, but the lakers maintained a big lead, don't like the first two games, dug a big pit for yourself. Become the protagonist of pitch in the second half, Steve Nash, he came up a third consecutive 10 points, the lakers will be widened to double digits, fully grasp the initiative, so the lakers kobe Bryant also played more easy. Section 3 to 4 minutes and 52 seconds, Bryant again hand out in the three-point line, the ball hit, this is his first 3-pointer, hit the game in addition kobe this section 3 assists. Although the performances on the pitch today than in the first two games, but Bryant's leadership is still very strong, and showed a lot of positive body language. After the section time to CiShiPing express dissatisfaction and complaints, rest in the fourth quarter, Bryant took CiShiPing shoulders, shaking back and forth, both of them Nike Air Max 360 Womens laughed at, very harmonious. More let the lakers excited is, of course, kobe and Dwight Howard attachment is more and more frequent, also more and more tacit understanding. For today's game, the Howard high frequently to do cover for kobe Bryant, two people's interaction or create easy basket opportunity for Howard, or create a shot space for kobe Bryant. Once two people have the tacit understanding, will burst into force is powerful, make all opposition.
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