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I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and I specialize in Ayurveda. I created to give you a chance to explore the ancient medical systems of the East in a fun, fresh, and friendly format that you can easily apply to your modern life. The information on Bodhimed is presented in a language... Full Bio
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Ayurveda and Omens: A Coming Event Casts Its Shadow Before It Occurs

The art of reading omens is often considered the domain of shamans and fortune tellers. But the ancient science of Ayurveda teaches that...

Ayurvedic Skin Care From the Outside In

Besides being our largest organ, our skin is our best protection against the ravaging effects of the external elements.  Therefore we want to do...

Placing Balance First, Weight Loss Second

 When considering weight gain, weight loss, and digestion issues, it is important to remember what the oldest medical systems teach about the...

Who Am I? - Revealing The Difference Between Your Ayurvedic Constitution And Your Present Imbalance

There are so many theories about why we each are the way we are.  While there's no one answer to this, the ancient science of Ayurveda offers a...

Fighting Over Kale Chips Again?

I never thought I'd see my kids fight over kale.  Everytime I make these kale chips, however, I wish I had made a whole bunch more.  There's a...
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