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New Neuropathy Supplement Recommendations

Whether you are diabetic and have been told your peripheral neuropathy extends from complications to this disease or if you have numbness,...

Vitamin D Deficiency Can Interfere With Bone Healing

Vitamin D was once thought to be received in adequate levels just from the sun.  But in a society where we spend large amounts of time inside or...

I Hit My Toe Is It Broken?

I recently got a phone call and was told about someone hitting their toe this morning while doing yoga.  Yoga is designed to help with balance,...

Study Confirms Peripheral Neuropathy Tests Are A Waste

In a recent study, it was found that based on medicare records, lots of money is spent with poor yeild of information on tests for peripheral...

Infectious Peripheral Neuropathy A Valid Cause...

HIV and AIDS are commonly discussed as possible causes of peripheral neuropathy, but are these the only infective causes?  The truth is that...

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