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#hearthiswell Thoughts and Trolls

By now, most of you have heard about the CDC whistleblower and the #hearthiswell campaigns.  If not just google both of them and you'll get plenty...

First Grade in Review

Hello.  Bout time for an update, wouldn't you say?  Due to my lack of updates, I'm going to do one summary of first grade as a whole.  FIRST...

SMH, Autism Awareness Month and Day

I'm Bah Humbug on Autism Awareness Month/Day which is today, April 2nd.  I don't "light it up blue" because I am not a fan of Autism Speaks and...

To Ponder....

"The world is so big and he'll find where he fits." Read that today. It stung. It stuck. It kinda moved me.

In Honor of Presidents Day

Ok, this is really just a hello.  We finally closed on our house.  You'd think after 8 moves in 10 years that I'd be a pro.  Well,...

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