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Did your doctor consider this? [Part 1: Gut-Thyroid Dysfunction]

Most of the patients I consult with have a few things in common: 1. They were diagnosed with hypothyroidism at some point in their...

The Boydston Institute - Our Story: Why We Work With Hashimoto's Patient's

Dr. Robert Boydston, DC, Founder of the Boydston Institute shares how he has gone from working with fibromyalgia patient's using a functional...

Hashimoto's: Are You Really Gluten Free?

Dr. Robert Boydston DC, Founder Of The Boydston Institute Comments:

An email from a Hashimoto's Patient That Saddened Me...

I received an email today from a lady with Hashimoto's that saddened me a bit. This is what she wrote... "I have just had my annual...

Synthroid To Treat Hashimotos? What Happened To Logic In Healthcare?

I get the opportunity to consult with Hashimoto's from all over the world, and whether they are from Australia, England, Hong Kong, or the...

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