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Balfuria, Israel
In case anyone is interested, I'm the one with bunny ears on the right ^^. Just trying to keep healthy and in shape, with help from you guys, my little sis, and my ever faithful bf, Eldad.
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Nov 28 2010 by Moonless_Night
Exercise + weightloss = Yay you!
Nov 25 2010 by Moonless_Night
Hey love! Yay us!
Mar 18 2010 by MoeAnthony
Woot Woot! Good luck with the exercise and walking goals :)
Mar 15 2010 by gourav
whats your name daer
Mar 11 2010 by gourav
whats  your name...
Mar 09 2010 by gourav
hie... can i ask something... if u
Mar 08 2010 by gourav
i have to go but  many question i want  to ask if u 
Mar 08 2010 by gourav
u do thai exercise  n bicheps also.. meaow
Mar 08 2010 by gourav
ok i'll try to do half push up...
Mar 08 2010 by gourav
sorry i don't get half push up n when will u online..