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Zagreus Ammon is a pen name. I received an MD, CM from McGill University in Montreal. I was a teacher of family medicine and a clinician at the Arctic Circle, back at McGill and then at Emory University. I am currently a fellow of both the AAFP and the CFPC. While teaching at Emory, I also... Full Bio
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Aug 15 2009 by blahblah09
I had sex on Day 6 of my cycle. Took Plan B same day and my husband did not go off inside of me. But now on Day 10 I have spotting, which is similar to the 1st day of my period. I am really worried. I normally have mid-cycle spotting but not as heavy.
Apr 28 2009 by Paulette

Can you tell me why there is no fund raising for Hep C??

There are alot of people not only junkies that have this terrible killer like doctors and nurses and people who recieved blood before 1990


Feb 27 2009 by wjackson45
I have been having multiple system problems over the last 20 years. It started with respiratory problems. Asthmatic symptoms which lasted for several years. Then it moved to my back. Difficulty walking severe crushing lower body pain. (without corresponding injury). Then I started having bowel problems. like irritable syndrome. incontinence of bowel and urine. Then my symptoms moved to inability to concentrate/focus.  Now it has moved into joint pain on the right side with blurred vision. The vision blurriness came and went for a year now it has decided to stay. I ended up in the hospital this summer with a severe case of c-diff. temp of 104.9. Almost my last summer. My pcp feels I have an auto immune disease but isn't sure which so doesn't want to treat me too soon. my gi feels I have lupus. But so far I have been given no treatment. I am 45 yrs old. I am very frustrated but not ready to check out. I work in a hospital and am wondering what the next obstacle is that I will be facing and if I will survive it. My ana is 1250. almost all of my other labs are normal. Can you give me any advice. I hate to admit it but i am scared to death.


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