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Dr. William D. Medical Doctor

Specialty: Cardiology
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Cardiologist and author of the book, Track Your Plaque: The only heart disease prevention program that shows how the new CT heart scans can be used to detect, track, and control coronary plaque. I discuss unique and effective ways to view heart disease and health, with a focus on nutrition,... Full Bio
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Feb 17 2013 by MaggyAnne
Hi, I'm living in the UK, how can I join your program.  Denise
Sep 12 2011 by MaryK54
I am a 56 yr old white female with a total cholestrol of 79.  Was recently diagnosed with aortic sclerosis.  Take 120 mgs of Cymbalta daily.  Would this have anything to do with DX?  Was previously diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse and reguritation 10 yrs ago.  After not having seen a cardiologist in 7 yrs - saw one who gave current DX.  He says to wait 6 mos & do a repeat echo?  Should I seek a 2nd opinion?
Apr 21 2011 by carl8822
Hi, I just had my bloodwork done for a physical. Total Cholesterol was 152, LDL 90, HDL 33, Triglycerides 144. CRP 9.4. My doctor said the CRP was a bit high and sent me for a Cardiac Calcium CT. It came back with a score of 300. I'm a 43-year-old male. 6'2"" 210 lbs. Just wondering what all this means. Want to get a second opinion on treatment. I do have heart disease in my family (My father did have a heart attack at 52). Also take Cozaar for borderline High blood pressure.  Thanks.
Feb 07 2011 by DCSteve
What do you think about dairy products?  Do these cause inflamation and cardiovascular problems?  I've noticed an improvement in my health after giving them up.  Most notably less allergies and no colds or flues this winter.  It has also helped me lose a little more weight.
Jan 17 2011 by Pauline
Please could you tell me... does aortic calcification cause atrial fibrillation? Thank you
Apr 02 2010 by thunderbunsmom

I do notice rectal bleeding while taking fish oil tabs.  I take 1-2 tabs a day.  the bleeding stops when I stop taking fish oil. I would like to continue the tabs but how do I avoid bleeding.?

 I am eating vitK rich foods most days.

Mar 27 2010 by shelly
i had 2 go on the tread mill 2 check the rate of my heart but doctor was concerned my blood pressure didnt rise i got 2 hav a dye put through me 4 another xray should i b worried ?? my blood pressure was 111/70 i am 40 yrs old  the tread mill made me feel ill an dizzy
Feb 18 2010 by Heartsaflutter
Regarding vitamin D, I have a level of 16.3 that does not respond to supplementation.  I also have a 4 cm dilation of aortic root, almost non-stop runs of bigeminal pvcs and a cough & hoarseness for a year.  Do you think that vit D dysregulation could cause cardiac symptoms/aneurysms?  I also suspect that I have sarcoidosis, but that has yet to be proven.
Dec 18 2009 by bears10

having chest pains for weeks.  In the hospital 5 weeks ago where I had ct chest x rays 3 ekg Blood tests and a stress test all normal.  I have been having chest pain that is worse, again I had an x ray, ekg, and blood work where they said they didn't think there were problems.  I am 26 with no major family history.  Doc wants me have Echo and see a G.I. but can't get an Echo for 2 weeks because I will be out of town.  Should I get one while I am out of town?

Nov 12 2009 by tazsmom
2 months ago I had a double bypass and mitrol valve repair.   Had a stress test 1 and the cardio released me for rehab.  At the rehab consultation they noticed that my stress test was abnormal.  They would not let me start and sent me back to my cardio.  Now I am waitng for the appt. next week.  What could this mean?  I was looking forward to starting rehab and getting on with my life.  I am a 48 y.o. female.  Thank you for any input.