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San Carlos, California
William C. Dement MD PhD (born 1928), is a pioneering US sleep researcher, and founder of the Sleep Research Center, the world's first sleep laboratory, at Stanford University. He is a leading authority on sleep, sleep deprivation, and the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders such as sleep... Full Bio
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Nobody is more frustrated with America’s broken insurance system than healthcare providers

Nobody is more frustrated with America’s broken insurance system than healthcare providers who are prevented from simply helping...

What is America’s Largest, Deadliest, and Most Costly Health Problem?

I firmly believe the answer is unhealthy sleep. In my lexicon, unhealthy sleep includes chronic sleep deprivation as well as sleep...

Sleep Need and Sleep Debt

Each individual has a specific daily sleep requirement. This is the amount of sleep that must be obtained each day on the average...

Is Snoring a Legitimate Medical Concern?

Very much so. It is likely that every reader will know someone who snores very loudly. This is the cardinal symptom of the...

How Common are Sleep Disorders?

Very much more common than most people realize is the best answer to this question. The national prevalence has been established for only one...

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kardeb wrote on Dr. William D.'s Whiteboard. Jul 22 2009
Dr. William D.'s Whiteboard
Jul 22 2009 by kardeb
I am a 48 yr. old male with idiopathic small (and recently) large nerve fiber peripheral neuropathy.  For 9 years I have had chronic, debilitating pain 24/7.  I've been prescribed opioids since no other meds have helped.  I DESPERATELY DO NOT WANT TO TAKE THESE DRUGS and am still seeking viable alternatives.  Because of long term opioid use, my brain's G-proteins are activated and I am unable to achieve REM sleep and Stage 4 deep sleep. I have lost two jobs because I cannot function due to sedation and brain fog.  I have a family whose lives have been destroyed by my illness.  Curing the PN would be a miracle but I am desperate to get the proper sleep I need to function as a husband and father, let alone become normal enough to go back to work.  I have a CPAP for sleep apnea I developed due to repressed breathing from the opioids.  Would inositol help?  I can't take any more drugs due to possible interactions with opioids, etc. and I need to take as few drugs as possible.  PLEASE HELP!!! P.S - I traveled to Norfolk, VA yesterday to see a PN specialist and was told my PN is probably autoimmune (I have psoriasis) and my blood serum is "toxic". The toxins are damaging my nerves.
Jan 31 2009 by L. Fondren
I have been told that I have 2 types of sleep apnea, is this possible and how can both be treated ?
Jan 19 2009 by Alliebabe28
Jan 19 2009 by Alliebabe28
i accentially shot myself in the thumb with my expired epipen, thru my thumg and nail, do u know if it did go thru my bone

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