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Panic Attacks May Be An Indication Of Lyme Disease

FROM NUTRITION HEALTH REVIEW Special report: LYME DISEASE, A SUBURBAN MENACE Copyright (c) 2002 ProQuest Information and Learning. All...

Panic Attacks Can Alert Psychiatrists To Suspect Lyme Encephalopathy

In a Pennsylvania psychiatric office within a mid-winter, 1999 ten-week span, three nurses individually presented with severe panic attacks....

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

RLS ( Psychiatric Times June, July) is indeed a major physical symptom that patients often won't volunteer to talk about, even to their...

The Living Slide Show

"Here it comes, here it comes, oh boy it's starting now." What caused this daily prediction was what I called a "wave" of symptoms which put me...

Kaleidoscope Syndrome

As a new-comer to the experience, do you recall your first glance through a kaleidoscope, when you were amazed by the uniqueness of its beauty and...

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Melissa B. wrote on Dr. Virginia S.'s Whiteboard. Feb 10 2011
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Feb 10 2011 by Melissa B.
My sister, her husband, and her best friend all have long term, chronic lyme's.  Sister is affording med. bills right now (40K per year) but her friend is just dying a slow death.  Is there any organization that you know of  that will help with getting the treatment if a person does not have money?  All three are gravely ill.
Sep 09 2010 by Sheilah W.
is there anything that can be done to alleviate Bell's Palsy now in 17th  months...acupuncture did not seem to assist  it...and botox was not pronouncedly effective...I have not had a moment, in 17 months when the face does not hurt. S.

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