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Oct 02 2010 by DTW

I take the following herbs, is there any conflict between them?

fish oil, glucosamine,green tea extract, Q10, hawthorn, ginko biloba, cayenne, L-arginine, lecithin, cinnamon, ginger


Apr 08 2010 by Nitin

Dear Dr. Virashri, 

My one year old child is suffering has got some problem with his digestive system.  He is going loose stools from 27th March 2010.  Further some mucus and sometimes blood also comes in his stools.  Our doctor has diagnosed him with amoebic dysentry and we are giving him Flagyl and Vizilac.  My child has lost weight and our family is very much worried about him.  We have no life without our child.  Please help me, what should I do.  Will my child will be all right.

Mar 25 2010 by Bhagsdev

I have gone on mung diet only with fruits and raw vegetable for chronic urticaria problem which I relapsed into after 10 years. Previously I had for 4 years at stretch. I was watching Dr Smita Naram program where on one of the programs in youTube she told a lady to go mung dal diet. The lady went for 20 days and had problems disappeared. I have one question, would kind of other food is permitted with mung diet. Is milk allowed? what other is allowed?

Thanks for any help.

Nov 18 2009 by patrick


My mother's X-ray result stated that there is reduction in the joint space of thecompartment of bthe left knee joint Con:Bilateral Osteoarthritis more marked on the left,what does this mean?

Oct 20 2009 by Ram

Hello Dr. Virashi,

  How are you.   Due to spaceI am sendin in this mail. Symptoms:sneezing, nasal congestion , running and/or itchy nose and irritated eyes .I am using Flixonase spray once a day, it is working fine.  If I discontinued It come out again within 1-2 weeks time. I am having this allergy since last 6 years. I am in USA since 2000.





Oct 19 2009 by Ram

Hello Dr. Virashi
  How are you . I got your info thru google search for help on allergy.  I am not sure I contact  you for help.I need your help to cure my ALLERGY:
Looking forward to get response.


Oct 18 2009 by Roopa k.
Hi, Roopa with u..also an ayurvedic doctor...presently in Saudi Arabia.came across ur writeups...gr8 job. wud love to keep in touch n share. regards email.