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Dr. Tony Y. Medical Doctor

Specialty: Plastic Surgery
Rochester Hills, Michigan
Dr. Tony Youn is a a Michigan-based Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has been featured on Dr. 90210 on E!
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Jun 16 2012 by zonba78
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Apr 22 2012 by Ruthie


I am a student and I am doing a recearch report on feet binding. I am wondering if you could tell me anything about it.

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May 17 2011 by lbilady
how common is it to have abnormally uneven breast sizes.  My 24 yo daughter has one A cup and the other a C.  Should she have an exam other than the usual during annual obgyn?  Is there any way insurance would pay part of it. Does anyone know? 
Mar 17 2010 by tariq
My buttocks are swelled after one month from surgery of L5 S1 of back bone, now 4 years have passed, but I am still in the same situation of buttock pain in both ones. some says it is due to soft tissue edema and I will have to pass remaining life with the pain.
Dec 18 2008 by Bayan
I used botox for my face before I know taht i am pregnant and i am so worried now what should i do?