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Dr. Tony DiGioia Medical Doctor

Specialty: Orthopedic Surgery
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Anthony M. DiGioia III, MD is a practicing orthopaedic surgeon at Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC, and Clinical Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Dr. DiGioia specializes in the treatment of hip and knee disorders including total joint... Full Bio
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Feb 05 2010 by Sweetie


From a child i have noticed that one of my fingers is shorter than it should be on one had.I was taken to a specialist back in the 90's i can't remember everything about the vidit on ly name of the diagnosis which was breaky metacarpal i think.I wanted to get that finger corrected now that i'm older.So if you could contact me with some information on how to start the process i will appreciated

Oct 05 2009 by np

Hi Dr. DiGioia, 

Last night while getting down from the attic in the garage, I lost grip while hanging and landed on my knees. It was very painful and bruised almost immediately. Today my knees are swollen and feel slightly out of place, but pain is not as severe. Is it possible to have a fracture or dislocation, without severe pain?

Jul 21 2009 by IrishEyes

Hi Dr DiGioia,

Last night my daughter was seen in the ER for a sprain with weight bearing pain.  The ER dr found a bone cysts on her tibia. It was 6 inches above the growth plate, so involvement isn't there. Is this indicative of bone CA?   She is 13, has a benign heart murmur.  Family hx of ostoearthritus (me) and maternal grandmother. No meds, NKDA

Jul 07 2009 by anniesmom

Hi Dr.,

I have been seeing a hemotologist for increased wbc and lower back and abdominal pain. I have had a bmb, which showed no leukemia cells. I had an MRI of my left hip which is showing a bony growth on my left hip and into the labrum.  I have been refered now to an orthopedic oncologist who can further investigate and diagnose. Can you tell me what the possible diagnosis are for these symptoms? Thank you for your advice.

Jun 23 2009 by Botched
I bet my chances would have been alot better with your natural talents, than what I got.
Jun 05 2009 by Bonbon
What is the downside to not having a lateral release when your ortho suggests it? I have a horizontal tear in my lateral meniscus as well.
Jun 03 2009 by josh1976

I had ortho. knee surgery too remove part of my medial menicus 5 days ago, my right knee si still swollen and have been icing half hour on and the same off. Walking for short periods of time, and tring to bend it, no theropy has been ordered yet, pain is about a six and a four with pain meds. Called doctors office today the said that was normal. It is very STIFF. Any advice

Feb 20 2009 by AmyM

my grandma had a stroke a blood vessel in the neck burst she is non responsive but breathing on her own ...they say swelling in the brain may occur is there anything they can do to stop this is would result in death if it happened