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Nov 08 2010 by iceman007
what are the functional deficits of an amputee?
Sep 05 2009 by blade
i have been experiencing tingling and ticklish in front of my neck for about 1.5 years its irritating
Apr 16 2009 by amanda479
I am 26 yr old female with two kids.I have had cronic kidney infections all my life and were untreated many times as a child.I had my uretha dilated from a 5 to a 30 and uretors opened.I am still having infections some lasting over a month . How long or will this cause bad problems with my kidneys
Apr 15 2009 by babygirl
is there a treatment for polysistic fibrosis kidney disease, daughter 23, has sists on the kidneys, what do we do, we are in darkness, no recommendation yet for kidney specialist...also, high fevers every day, and sides are constantly hurting alot.
Apr 07 2009 by anilam


a few days ago i was walking to have lunch and suddenly i begun to feel a lower back pain irradiating to my legs, i mean i feel the pain in my legs too, a few minutes later i began to feel worst and got fever... i took some panadol but the fever lasts until midnight, with chills...the day after all was normal again..i will appreciate any info...thanks anilam

Jan 07 2009 by ryan
hello my name is ryan thomas. maybe you can please help me. i have some lumps on my neck that just showed up and they dont cause much pain just stiffness of the neck and sometimes little jabb pains rating a 1 on a scale of 1-10. they feel kind of hard but coated with a ball of soft fat. when i rub them they move around a couple of centimeters. i dont drink much milk or intake a lot of calcium i realized and my girlfriend said they could be bone spurs. is this possible or is this cancer. please let me know as much as possible. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
Jan 06 2009 by Dr. Timothy Durnin

Hi Sherri, thanks for the kind words. I am a very busy physician and find it more efficient to correspond by phone. If you have any medical questions or anything else you would like to talk about, I can be reached at 708-466-9994.


Dr. T