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Dr. Thomas Gibbs Doctor of Dentistry

Specialty: Dental health
Glen Ellyn, Illinois
I have more than 27 years of experience in cosmetic, sedation, and implant dentistry. I'm one of the earliest members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (since 1988), and have had training at some of the most prestigious training institutes such as the L.D. Panky Institute for Advanced... Full Bio
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Dec 18 2009 by Cakersoresufferer

I get a canker sore every two weeks, I get maybe 2-3 days rest and then I get another one.  I am iron deficient and I have been taking iron supplements, vitamin C chewables for about three to four weeks.  I've been chewing Licorice, but they aren't helping either.  I haven't gotten sick in a while.  Is it a coincidence that for about three four months now, same time for canker sores, I've been getting phlegm in the back of my throat mostly in the a.m.

Oct 25 2009 by marydoe

I have neuralgia and wonder if I go ahead with an implant it might make it worse.  However, the molar in question could be the cause of the pain--,x rays have proved inconclusive.  Any comments?

Mar 02 2009 by joykemp

Dr. Gibbs,

I have autoimmune hepatitis and am currently taking cyclosporine.  I recently had a tooth extracted and am planning to have a dental implant for that tooth.  Simultaneous to the extraction, I had a crown installed on an adjacent tooth.  Approximately 3 weeks after the extraction and the week of seating the permanent crown I developed shingles in my mouth (at least that's what the Dentist diagnosed, with concurrence from an Oral Surgeon).  At this point, I am relunctant to have the implant procedure for fear that my lowered immune system would result in additional health issues.  As info, the tooth in question is my last lower molar (I think either 30 or 31). 

 Could you please share any medical advice on my situation?


Joy K.