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Nobody looks at the phone when it rings

This is utterly, totally off-topic, apropos of nothing. As both of my readers probably know, I'm a movie enthusiast. One of my pet peeves in...

Update nr 2 on Ariel Sharon's brain

Some years ago I wrote about the futile attempt to rescue former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon back to a meaningful life. Here are the links to the...

"Dr." Mercola, enemy of children

Every now and then something comes up that nearly destroys my usual optimism. I had the misfortune of stumbling upon a website by an apparently...

So, why not kill yourself?

Although I haven't updated this blog recently, and definitely would not like to continue the suicide theme, there's no escaping the fact the...

Deadeye Dick

A man walked into the ER. Complaint: Headache. Nil else of note. Well, you walk in through this door, you're gonna get scanned. Here's a surprise...

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