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Dr. Steven Bennett

Solana Beach, California
Hi! I am Dr. Steven Bennett. I founded Acacia Wellness Center, an integrated holistic wellness center in Solana Beach California. We offer a wide range of services including Chiropractic Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Functional Diagnostic Medicine, Therapeutic and Prenatal Massage Therapy, natural protocols for Weight Management, neurotransmitter related support, digestive disorders, food allergies, adrenal fatigue, hormonal balance, and much more.....
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Mar 14 2012 by arinecole
dear i love your profile/picture,am miss Arine i saw your profile today here when i was browsing for a good partner,please contact me through my email ( )because i want to share something with you,and also give you my picture
Mar 31 2010 by Lacey A.
 I have a small bump above my left eyebrow, and it will not go away. Sometimes I press down on it and it hurts, its scist like. It moves around with my finger and will not go way. I don't know if it could possibly be a calcium deposit or worse. It is under my skin and not visible. It can only be felt when touched. Does anyone have an idea what it could be? I would really appreciate help on this, i have no health insurance and would like to avoid going to the doctor.