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Specialty: Pediatrics
Dr. Cason is board certified in General Pediatrics. She received her medical degree from George Washington University Medical Center. She is married and the mother of three children. Dr. Cason writes about realistic parenting based on her professional expertise as a physician and personal... Full Bio
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Sleeping trumps it all.

This girl can sleep.

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Aug 22 2010 by debanshee

i had a coreneal abrasion?

there is irritation sometimes and the upper part of my eye pains vigorously?

is there anything to worry?

Jun 28 2009 by MOpgenorth

Dear Dr. Cason,

 My eight and a half year old grandson is currently 40 pounds (yay!) but in the 99th percentile in height. He could wear his 4-year-old brother's cloths, but for the length! (I should mention that both his father and mother are very small-boned, although average height.)  Although he does not each very much at  a sit-down meal, he does "graze" throughout the day and actually eats quite a bit. However, his weight remains an issue and he is the target of much teasing about it at school and now summer day camp.  Do you have any specific recommendations regarding supplemental dietary aids such as Boost, etc. that might help him bulk up a bit more?  Any suggestions are gratefully appreciated.


Marjorie Opgenorth

Feb 18 2009 by morganleigh

hi, im new at this i just need to ask one question and i dont know if im posting it right or not.

i've had my period for about two weeks now, and i messed the cycle of my birth control up , could it have anything to do with that? is this normal


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