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Officially launched in the Winter of 2008, the Dr. Secretwave101 blog has now garnered more than 60,000 unique visitors. Iâ??m honored that anyone would listen to my prattle. If you post questions or comments to this site, Iâ??ll probably answer. Maybe. Depends on the quality of... Full Bio
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I believe I have just witness the beginning of the death of iTunes.  As much as I’ve tried and tried to like iTunes, I can’t express how...

Health Report – Mickey Mouse

Our family just returned from Disneyland Paris.  We had a great time.  As a doctor, however, I just couldn’t ignore the many health problems...

XBox – A Medical Necessity

“Dr. SW101,” Says the curly-haired assistant, “will you sign this memo.” I don’t look up.  As usual, I don’t read the memo, reaching...

Interview with A Virus

SW101: I’m sitting here today with Herpes Simplex Virus, type 2.  It has agreed to answer a few questions for SW101 Nation.  Thanks for...

Moving On

To my faithful fans and passerby, I have begun blogging in fits and starts at a new location.  The focus is a little different, but it...
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