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Understanding depression?

These are just a few musings about depression research. As a researcher, I am very interested in understanding the direction that the field of...

Childhood Adversity and Major Depression

A very consistent result in the epidemiological literature is the association between childhood adversity and the subsequent occurrence of major...

Prevalence of Bipolar I and II Disorder in Canada

There have only been two national surveys of mental health in Canada. One of these was conducted in 2002 (the CCHS 1.2) and a second one in 2012...

Stigma against depression in Canada

A recent paper by Dr. Heather Stuart, of Queens University has addressed the question of whether there is stigma against depression among the...

Models and Metaphors for Major Depression

Since major depression is a condition that is not yet fully understood, there is a lot of thinking about it that is shaped by general ideas rather...
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