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A Saliva Test for Depression?

A new paper, available on-line and soon to be published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has attracted a lot of attention as...

Antidepressant Use in Canada

A recent OECD report identified Canada as the worlds third leading consumer of antidepressant medication, the report may be found by following...

Depression Among Alberta Youth

In previous postings, I've described the results of surveys that have generally failed to show an "epidemic" of depression. This is in spite of...

Evolution (revolution?) in peer review

The world of publishing in the health sciences has been undergoing major changes. The reason for these changes, at its core, is the revolution in...

Latest information on the prevalence of major depression in Canada

In 2012, Statistics Canada conducted a national mental health survey. This is the second such survey to be conducted in Canada. The first was...
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