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Emergence of Mood Disorders in Adolescence

There is solidifying consensus that the earliest manifestations of mood disorders occur often during childhood and adolescence. This kind of...

Epidemiology for Canadian Students

I have been teaching the Fundamentals of Epidemiology more or less continuously at the University of Calgary since the early 1990s. I have always...

Updated epidemiological information on depression in Canada - good news or bad?

In the January 2015 issue of the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry we published some updated information on major depression epidemiology in Canada....

Antidepressant Use is No Longer Increasing in Canada

I have just published two papers about major depression in Canada in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry (abstracts available here ). One of these...

Global Picture of Depression Summarized in Nature

The current edition of the journal Nature has a focus on depression - with a summary of research progress, and lack thereof. There are some good...
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