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Mechanisms of Antidepressant Action & Warring Camps in Psychiatry

An interesting plain language summary of a contemporary view (mood regulation network modulation, neuroplasticity) of probable mechanisms of...

Elephant in the Room

The Mood Disorders Society of Canada is gearing up an anti-stigma campaign, called Elephant in the Room . The idea is that organizations can...

Mass Hysteria

In a few previous posts, I've discussed the topic of behavioral contagion, which may play a small role in some aspects of depression epidemiology....

Child Abuse and Depression

In 2012 Statistics Canada conducted the second national mental health survey. For the first time, they included a childhood experiences...

Perceived Needs and Mental Health Care

Perceived needs for mental health care are often unmet. However, as a possible sign that things are getting better, the recent Canadian Community...
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