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Mysore, India
Consultant physician in Ayurveda. Completed BAMS from Mysore University (Government college of Indian medicine, Mysore),Karnataka, India
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Mar 23 2012 by nag181965

Dear Dr Savitha,

My son aged 9 is suffering from zero focus on studies. In allopathy they call it ADHD....he is having only attention deficit. Is there a  cure in ayurveda.? If yes please let meknow.

Mar 05 2011 by Dr.Savitha Suri

Dear Rajesh Kumar

 You can not admisnister punarnava for 4 months old. It is not possible to treat this condition with ayurvedic herbal preparations.



Dr.Savitha Suri

Mar 03 2011 by rajesh kumar

Dear Mam

I need your valuabel advice for my son who is just 4 months old, haveing left kidney displastic and other is working properly but it has developed two small cysts on the lower pole of the kidney.. someone has suggested punarnava herbs to cure this.. and plsss advice me how much quantity should be admistered to him

Plsss help




Rajesh Kumar Advocate from New Delhi

Ph 9999036580 


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