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New hardware in thrombus capture : Megavac appear promising !

If thrombus is the chief culprit in any vascular emergency  there can be  no second thoughts as it needs immediate  arrest without...

COURAGE begets Courage : A 15 year truth unfolds !

Effect of PCI on Long-Term Survival in Patients with Stable Ischemic Heart Disease are just out in NEJM. The results are as expected...

Come on folks . . . lets get confused about Ischemia , Injury and Infarct for a while ?

These are the common ECG terminologies with which clinical cardiology is being practiced over the years .In this era of instant...

Anatomical basis of self sealing coronary dissection flaps : An Illustration

There is something to understand in the movement of dissection flaps with reference to incoming coronary blood flow.Why some dissections...

I believe , this year’s Noble economic prize is actually for medical common sense !

This year’s Noble prize for economics was conferred  for Dr Angus Deaton  from Princeton,  for an unique revelation, that measurement...
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Sep 17 2012 by CHM1370
Posted by CHM1370

Had DVT in right leg multiple clots was on warfin for 9 months lost job and insurance.Been taking pain meds for 3yrs pain in leg never goes away hardly sleep developed sore on top of foot.Had first clot in left arm after angiogram.Had MALS surgery after that 2 weeks later ended up with DVT and month afterwards had umbellical hernia surgery all surgeries laproscopic.Still have pain issues in stomach doctor says nerve damage will heal in few yrs its been now close to 3yrs

Mar 23 2012 by hogben
I have been told that I have left  ventricle enlargement, what  do'es this mean
Mar 31 2010 by Toni
I have disbeatis, take coumadin for a tia stroke, asthma, and constant cough, have had open heart for an anyrusym repair.  My lower back, hips and my legs are killing me!  I don't know hwich way to turn, I have no insurance.

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