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Apr 28 2011 by vucja
Regarding BRCA1 and 2, has anyone seen the online article, "The Secret of San Luis Valley"?  It is a fascinating study of unknown genetic risk and historic immigration origins.  I highly recommend it.
Mar 25 2011 by Kim L.
I have a mother, age 74, who has interstitial lung disease.   What are the options for experimental treatments/surgeries to assist her w/ breathing comfort?   Is lung reduction surgery a viable option at this point?   She is currently on oxygen 24/7 @ 4L.   Thank you in advance for your assistance.   I can be reached at
Jul 08 2010 by Steven S.
the doctors tell me there is nothing to be done for a DVT, i ,am 49 years old , my leg gives out alot goes to sleep alot and i have pain in it . what can be done
Jul 08 2010 by Steven S.
what can be done for DVT
Jul 05 2010 by rob.c
hello i had a accident in 2008 and have had trouble walking standing laying and sitting ever on alot off tablets to help this but thay dont help alot. ive never suffered from bad backs before but ive now been told that ive got scheuermann's disease. what im trying to ask is could this disease have been laying dorment and this accident caused this to apearer. thanks rob
Jun 28 2010 by debbie
my husband said that he had a poor nights sleep.  Woke up dizzy and profuse sweating, this occured one other time.  what could be the cause of this? he's 58 yrs old
Apr 22 2010 by Betty
Doctor can you provide sme information regarding low red blood counts. My mother is 84 and has had a low red count for sometime. She has suffered with an infectious disease during surgery on her shoulder and received 3 months of infusions. Her infectious disease doctor is sending her to a cancer specialist in hemotology. What can I expect?
Apr 02 2010 by mary
i,am 43 and have stop bleeding for tow years now but every once in a while i notice some spoting with a littel period like cramping is this normal or should i be in great concern ? IF email me if you can at
Feb 12 2010 by Dee
I am very interested in your study on safflower oil. Do you have any data showing that safflower oil would help men with belly fat and Type II diabetes?
Dec 02 2009 by VICKY
my 89 yr old mother in law has a burning,tingling sensation in both legs and feet.She`s complaining tha tshe can`t stand upfor long periods because her legs hurt....she thinks shes dying again. Is this happening because she is inactive?