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Gait and dementia link confi ...

Gait and dementia link confirmedResearchers at Newcastle University have found a definitive link between gait - the way someone walks - and early...

Loss of Y chromosome associa ...

Loss of Y chromosome associated with higher mortality and cancer in men Age-related loss of the Y chromosome (LOY) from blood cells, a...

Ebola: Five questions about ...

Ebola: Five questions about the killer virus 22 oct 2014--The highly contagious Ebola virus, which has killed more than 4,500 people in west...

Three-minute assessment succ ...

Three-minute assessment successfully identifies delirium in hospitalized elders Delirium is a state of confusion that develops suddenly, often...

Study shows inpatient pallia ...

Study shows inpatient palliative care reduces hospital costs and readmissionsPalliative care provided in the hospital offers known clinical...

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Apr 28 2011 by vucja
Regarding BRCA1 and 2, has anyone seen the online article, "The Secret of San Luis Valley"?  It is a fascinating study of unknown genetic risk and historic immigration origins.  I highly recommend it.
Mar 25 2011 by Kim L.
I have a mother, age 74, who has interstitial lung disease.   What are the options for experimental treatments/surgeries to assist her w/ breathing comfort?   Is lung reduction surgery a viable option at this point?   She is currently on oxygen 24/7 @ 4L.   Thank you in advance for your assistance.   I can be reached at
Jul 08 2010 by Steven S.
the doctors tell me there is nothing to be done for a DVT, i ,am 49 years old , my leg gives out alot goes to sleep alot and i have pain in it . what can be done

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