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Dr. Rory S. Doctor of Psychology

Specialty: Clinical Psychology
Wilmington, Massachusetts
Dr. Stern is a father, husband, son, "former therapist," ADHD coach, and avid child... Full Bio
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The Newtown, CT Shootings: A Lesson On Compassion And Understanding Of Our Differences

Note: As I started to write this, I wanted to discuss access to health care and address the question, “What’s stopping you from getting help?” ...

ADHD & Anger: Safety Comes First

Click On The Video Below: Today we need to talk about a very serious issue…   Safety! It’s one of the bedrock principles in my...

ADHD Is What You Make Of It: Deficit, Disorder, Illness, Gift, Or Way Of Life

Today I am excited to announce that I have a guest post on one of my favorite ADD / ADHD blogs, . I encourage you to check...

What Age Can You Diagnose ADHD?

  Earlier this morning our Facebook page, Help Your ADHD Child , Maria asked, “Can anyone tell me if two year [old] kids can be...

Parents And Teachers Unite To Support Your Children With ADHD

Yesterday on the Help Your ADHD Child Facebook page, a very frustrated mother posted that the teacher’s at her daughter’s school were...

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