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Dr. Romeo V. Doctor of Philosophy

Specialty: Clinical Psychology
I received my doctorate in Psychology from York University in Toronto, Ontario in 1987, I spent... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
Are you on steroidal medication?  Many lupus sufferers suffer from depression and... more
Jan 30 2009 5:32pm
Is your case being followed by a neurologist?  It seems as if you are having some... more
Jan 30 2009 5:26pm
Are these episodes being triggered by anything specific in your life?  Are you having... more
Jan 30 2009 5:19pm
Do you have a regular family doctor?  You might need a referral to a neurologist to look... more
Jan 30 2009 5:16pm
Is anyone else having a problem in that house?  Your girlfriend's stove may be giving... more
Jan 04 2009 3:29pm
Jan 02 2009 8:21pm
You haven't given me many details but you may be dealing with some delayed trauma from... more
Jan 02 2009 8:42pm
Jan 02 2009 9:12am
It's hard to say.  Is he saying why he's doing this? It may be that he is reluctant to... more
Jan 02 2009 9:48am
It depends on how severe the depression is and how effectively someone is coping with... more
Jan 02 2009 9:43am
It can help to explore with him his reason for not taking medication.  Is it due to side... more
Dec 05 2008 8:12am