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Dr. Romeo V. Doctor of Philosophy

Specialty: Clinical Psychology
I received my doctorate in Psychology from York University in Toronto, Ontario in 1987, I spent... Full Bio
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South African Family Murder Becomes Stage Play

Just days after Ellen Pakkies was released from a Cape Town psychiatric hospital where she had spent a month as an inpatient following a...

Japan Needs to Learn from Chernobyl Lessons

As Japan slowly copes with  the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami, as well as the nuclear catastrophe that followed, psychologists...

Can Suicide Bombers be Predicted?

For years, the conventional wisdom among most scholars has been that suicide terrorists are not truly suicidal, and that much like ordinary...

Indian Lawmakers Seek Ban on Witch Accusations

"The villagers, especially the women, call me a witch.  They insult me, torture me, and beat me up.  They wanted me to leave the village. ...

Suicide Verdict in RCMP Taser Case

When RCMP officers were called to a house in Langley, British Columbia on on September 30, 2008,  they found Frank Jonathan Frechette acting...

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