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Dr. Robert O. Medical Doctor

Specialty: Plastic Surgery
Birmingham, Alabama
I'm a 4th generation surgeon and am double baord-certified in general & plastic surgery. I specialize in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery and cosmetic surgery of the face and body.
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E! talk show host Giuliana Rancic chooses double mastectomy for breast cancer treatment. Why this is the right choice

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NJOM shows sick patients cost more to treat...... Who knew?

In the least surprising conclusion of recent articles in the New England Journal of Medicine ( N. Engl. J. Med. 2011;365:1704-12 ,) it was proven...

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Victory for Common Sense: FDA drops MRI suggestion for patients with silicone implants

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Groupon's model may be both bad business and illegle for cosmetic medical services

The use of social media services like Facebook and Twitter to promote your medical practice on the web has become common in recent years....
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