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New York, New York
I am a licensed Clinicial Psychologist with specialized training in mood and anxiety conditions. I... Full Bio
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Oct 19 2010 by Megan B.
@ Jules 23tai...  this has nothing to do with a psychological disorder.  You should really see an M.D. for this condition.  In fact,  you should probably actually go INTO a dr's office and pay for a visit instead of asking questions on the web.  No one can diagnose or treat you in this fashion.
Apr 04 2010 by jules23tai

I have popliteal vein decompression and would like to know my opitions , weight loss is one but excercise is an issue due to sweliling in both legs



Feb 17 2010 by WiMarty


Regarding : "Social Aversion Therapy" @


What you describe is Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) or as it was once referred to as "Social Phobia". Yet you don't mention - even once - this disorder, which is PRECISELY what you're describing. 

I'm puzzled. Do you care to explain what I'm probably missing here? Thank you. 



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