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Mar 15 2012 by francoise

Thank you for taking the time if you can.

Is it possible, with an autopsy report indicating the dose of methadone in the liver to know the dose that was ingested, if it was just one dose, if use was recent (1 day, 2 days...)

If you don't mind, I have the blood, urine and liver results. 

Thank you very much for considering an answer,


Feb 14 2012 by atm
 my son is 18 years old and has been in pain the last last 5 weeks have been to dr and visited the er 3 times for the past three weeks have been told it is IBS 1st cat scan showed mesenteric adenitis and to take advil for pain and apply heating pad  he just had a second  cat scan that showed that there are small lymph nodes present still saying it is mesenteric adenitis the dr stared him on Cipro on Friday but my son still is in pain please i you could help in any way Thank you
Mar 16 2010 by chi_chi

hi doctor.....i'm glad to be your friend

doctor,i'm still a student @ University Klabat (UNKLAB)...i'm a nurzing student and will graduate this year on May,i interest to work there but b4 that maybe i will take NCLEX test to get RN....^^ hope your guidanc....


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