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Specialty: Endocrinology and Metabolism
Dr. Guttler has been a Thyroid Expert for 35 years, board certified in endocrinology, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Keck School Medicine USC. He was the past president and founder of the Academy of Clinical Thyroidologists, He is beginning in Jan.2009, to give 3 day... Full Bio
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Molecular Classifier saves surgery on a suspicious nodule

Here is the result of an Afirma molecular classifier test done on a male patient set to go to surgery for a suspicious follicular lesion. they...

HMO Offers Poor and Outdated Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy To One of Their Own Employees.

45 Y/O F had a isthmus nodule felt by her GI physician. An ultrasound done by a radiologist noted more nodules and one of them was biopsied. The...

Save Unnecessary Thyroid Surgery with new Afirma Molecular Marker Test

Well thyroid patients heading to elective surgery for suspicious but not positive diagnosis of thyroid cancer, there is now a test, Afirma that...

Lobectomy for a Large Benign Thyroid Nodule? Second Opinion Saved the Day

50 Y/O female for second opinion on a referral for a lobectomy for a very large thyroid nodule. The FNA of the nodule was benign, but because of...

My Thyroid Ultrasound Referral Center is Certified by AIUM

Endocrine Neck Ultrasound Lab of Southern California is the only referral center on the west coast that has both the certification of the...
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Feb 27 2012 by TnLady
Unfortunately I did not see your posts prior to being told that I should have a Thyroid Lobectomy 8 months ago. The nodule was benign but I have suffered ever since. My doctor is not an Endocrinologist but his wife has Graves Disease and so I felt he had knowledge in regard to the Thyroid. Should I seek a specialist? Will my symptoms ever be under control? Thank you.
Jan 19 2011 by Rhans42

I feel so stupid to ask this question but I cannot find any info on the internet and I have no insurance (until Feb 1st). I have a goiter in my thyroid gland and I have complained about it pulsating for years. At least 3-4 yrs. Well the Endocrine that I seen wanted to prescibe anxiety meds. I kept telling him that I feel it in my neck where the goiter is and I do not feel it is anxiety. Well tonight, I think it just ruptured. Bursted.  My question, is this dangerous?Thanks, Rhonda


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