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Roseville, California
Hello! It's nice to meet you! The purpose of this Blog is to share and discuss helpful ideas on everything directly and indirectly related to psychology and weight loss. I am a licensed clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist and have been practicing since 1996 in Roseville, CA (USA). My main... Full Bio
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The Pain of Fat

Hello Everyone: When people ask me, "how do you lose weight?", I have a simple answer: eat less and exercise more. True, but not very helpful....

Keeping It Off

Hello Everyone:Even though a person may lose some weight, the real challenge comes in keeping it off. This is especially true when the diet and/or...

The Weight Loss Mindset

Welcome to my new Blog! This is where I'll be sharing motivational thoughts and ideas for women and men to not only lose weight, but to...

The Secondary Gains of Poor Eating

Why do we come up with wonderful diet plans, only to sabotage our efforts? Simple: we are motivated more by the payoffs of poor eating than by...

Hypnosis: The Best Weight Loss Supplement

Everyone knows that to lose weight: all you need to do is eat less and exercise more. However, this is really tough to pull off with any...

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Feb 26 2009 by sana s.

i have right leg pain and foot have burning sensation and feel very tired ..feel always sleepywhat could be the cause

Jan 08 2009 by jeanr62

I have a lump on the left side of my neck on the main artery can u tell me what it is please


Jan 08 2009 by jeanr62

Hi I have a lump on the left side of my neck on the main artery can u tell me what it might be


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