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munhall, Pennsylvania
i have a 2 year old son. i am married.  we want another baby within the next year. i love to be with my hubby and we love to get intimate for everything. i love scenery. ( field full of flowers, paintings, sky pictures..... etc.) i am a very spiritual person. i believe that EVERYTHING good or bad happens for a reason. if you want to know more than email me. ps= i LOVE to TALK about...

Jessica Williams

Being a mommy is hard. It is hard work. Itâ??s probably the most difficult and most rewarding job I have ever done in my entire life. I became a mom 8 months ago to Cruz, my beautiful baby boy. He is my first child and the experience of being a mom has far exceeded my expectations- in good ways and some not so good too! I am a full time working/stay-at-home mom. My husband and I own our...


trivandrum, India
a normal human being.


Monroe, Louisiana
Hi! I am exploring ways to make my life ever more healthy and happy! Join me and read about all the interesting ways to enrich your world.

TR Hughes

Phoenix, Arizona
Author, Blogger, Natural Health & Healing Researcher and Advocate, Certified Foodie ~ Former Chef, Restaurateur, and Hotel Owner. I believe that finding your true life's purpose and following your dreams is the best gift you can give yourself and the world. Remember my Personal Motto: “Live Well. Live on Purpose. Live Your Dreams.”

Dr. Erik McLaughlin, MD, MPH

Tucson, Arizona
Expedition and Travel medicine

Teresa J.

Ontario N0N 1A0
I love yoga. Wednesday nights, you'll find me in yoga class, blissful and building my strength, balance, and focus. I have a lot of flexibility already but am adding to it. I (used to but since having baby 2 haven't been taking it) take Muay Thai kickboxing to tone up and add cardio to my exercise roster. I walk everywhere, not only because I can't drive (LOL) but because it's good (not...


I'm 54 years old diagnosed two years ago with MS although I think unofficially I've had it much longer. I started a blog one year ago as a journal to track my MS. I also talk about my day to day life, work, hobbies, etc. Mostly  how MS afffects all these things and also how they help me cope with it.  I've been able to make contact with bloggers all over the world who share their MS...