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Fly on Little Wing

“Fear of failure must never be a reason not to try something.” ~Frederick Smith You know it is hard for me to resist a...

Do I have a chance getting into an orthopaedic residency?

The first question I would like to put out there is: Do I have a chance getting into an orthopaedic residency? I personally think this is a...

The rank list - a scientific process?

I sit here in my office thinking about the resident applicants that I am about to interview tomorrow, and I realize that this really is not a very...

The residents and medical students now adays are soft .....

5am this morning .... I am out running ... 8 mile run ... training ... marathon training ... it's been cold outside ... today, cold and a fresh coat...

My Rank List

So, interview season has come to an end. Most of you who are in the process of applying for residency are making your rank list. You may have had...

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mary wrote on Dr. Puryear ..'s Whiteboard. Jun 25 2009
Dr. Puryear ..'s Whiteboard
Jun 25 2009 by mary

My daughter is has had an X-ray of her hip to determine the cause of pain.  Soccer player, swimmer, runner, etc.  Nothing showed up on the x-ray and the Ortho MD has recommended PT for a couple of weeks and see how she's doing or to get the MRI and arthrogram.  We elected to have the MRI.  Is this necessary or would he dye show up on a regular x-ray vs. an MRI. 

Thank you


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