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I am an anatomic Pathologist with special experience in Oncopathology.Oncopathology deals with diagnostic tests related to Cancer. I have been trained in Pathology at university of Pune India (M.D.)and at University of Toronto,Canada.(FRCPC) My Oncopatology blog deals with the importance of... Full Bio
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Invasive Micropapillary Carcinoma of the Breast

DefinitionBreast carcinoma with a prominent (pseudo) micropapillary patternDiagnostic CriteriaNumerous small pseudo-papillary clusters of...

Paget's disease if Nipple- Review

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Role of Excisional lymph node biopsy, Core needle biopsy and FNAC in Lymphoma diagnosis

The newly developed and more sophisticated techniques for analysis of lymphoma cells have provided us with the tools necessary...

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Aug 27 2010 by Svetlana
I am Dr. Gramatyuk Svetlana from Ukraine.
I have a heavy patient with a diagnosis of adenocarcinoma. Morphologically, the material is controversial see cells of the intestine. I ask you morphological consultation if possible

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