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Specialty: psychologist
Northern, New Jersey
As a mother of three, a psychologist and a former researcher I'm committed to detangling, decoding, debunking or otherwise translating and reviewing the latest scientific discoveries about children's health and well-being - and take a special interest in calling out the... Full Bio
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Social Good Summit 2015: The World's To-Do List

Last week the fifth annual Social Good Summit convened in New York City. As a UN Social Good Fellow, I had the great honor of attending the...

#SocialGood Summit: Advocating for child health

This weekend the United Nations Foundation hosts the annual Social Good Summit in New York.  The conference gathers together entrepreneurs,...

Data Journalism: Not for parents yet

Big Data. Data News. Data Journalism. The media cannot get enough data. Just the other day I awoke to NPR’s Data News Team. Earlier in the week...

Parents Stupid Over Sports?

Right in the nick of time for the start of the high school athletic season, NPR reminds parents they're irrational and obsessed over sports....

Ditching Normal, Seeking Amazing

Sticking out from the crowd isn’t always fun. Just ask any kid, especially one in middle school. Taking an unpopular stand, joining a weird...
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