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As a mother of three, a psychologist and a former researcher I'm committed to detangling, decoding, debunking or otherwise translating and reviewing the latest scientific discoveries about children's health and well-being - and take a special interest in calling out the... Full Bio
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A Cure for Hyper-Parenting Platitudes?

Hyper-parenting landed atop the New York Time's Most Emailed this week.  A Cure For Hyper-Parenting  worked its way right past the chicken wings...

More Literacy, Pleez

In case you missed it, this summer the American Academy of Pediatrics decided pediatricians should worry more about literacy. Their June  policy...

Cracking Down on Adolescent Screen Use Studies

Last week NPR featured a story about middle schoolers and their use of smart phones, tablets and other digital devices. Last week I also happened...

Early Puberty, Again.

Plenty of adolescent fare popped up in media this week including perennial favorites early puberty and the perils of screen time (in addition to...

Artificial Sweeteners Are Bad For You?

A clutch of new studies published in Nature suggest artificial sweeteners might contribute to obesity and diabetes or as the Wall Street Journal...
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