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Specialty: psychologist
Northern, New Jersey
As a mother of three, a psychologist and a former researcher I'm committed to detangling, decoding, debunking or otherwise translating and reviewing the latest scientific discoveries about children's health and well-being - and take a special interest in calling out the... Full Bio
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The One-Percenters, The Science Edition: One reason we're stuck with breast-is-best

Recent studies clog parenting websites, traditional news media, magazines and blogs. Tantalizing discoveries litter my homepage. Science news...

Really Boring Children's Health Studies

Many studies are not fabulous. Most are not dramatic. Most never see the media spotlight for good reason. I enjoy reading the daily research feeds...

Dr. Oz's Magic Pills: Debunking worth a hill of beans?

Even Harvard-educated heart surgeons indulge in pseudoscience from time to time. Sometimes they get away with it and sometimes they don't. Just...

No Spoiled Kids on Father's Day?

Lenore Skenazy, aka Free Range Mom, reviewed Alfie Kohn's new book " The Myth of The Spoiled Child" in the New York Times this weekend. I had...

Fact-Checking School Shootings: The Media Debunks Its Own News Coverage

Mark the occasion. Someone bothered to fact-check media claims involving children and teenagers. The rare debunking comes after a gun-control...
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