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Dr. Polly Doctor of Philosophy

Specialty: psychologist
Northern, New Jersey
As a mother of three, a psychologist and a former researcher I'm committed to detangling, decoding, debunking or otherwise translating and reviewing the latest scientific discoveries about children's health and well-being - and take a special interest in calling out the... Full Bio
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Global Moms Challenge: Moms boosting health and happiness for families everywhere

Last week I had the honor of attending the third annual Moms + Social Good in New York City, an event co-hosted by the United Nations...

Fact-Checking Claims: Are Parents Really So Terrible?

Earlier this week I questioned New York Times columnist David Brook’s allegations. Basically parents spend too much time praising, improving and...

Fact-Checking Claims about Kids: Tainted Love 2015

Parents, time to stand up and face the charges. According to New York Times columnist David Brooks you are guilty of committing at least two...

Teens and E-Cigarettes: Dude, Don't Smoke.

More teens smoke e-cigarettes than ever before according to a new CDC report . In case you missed the headlines: E-cig use soared, cigarette...

Breast Feeding Might Not Reduce Childhood Obesity: Gasp

Breast milk might not be the new Slim Fast for the stroller set. A new paper suggests breastfeeding might not greatly reduce risk of childhood...
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