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Dr. Polly Doctor of Philosophy

Specialty: psychologist
Northern, New Jersey
As a mother of three, a psychologist and a former researcher I'm committed to detangling, decoding, debunking or otherwise translating and reviewing the latest scientific discoveries about children's health and well-being - and take a special interest in calling out the... Full Bio
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Ditching Normal, Seeking Amazing

Sticking out from the crowd isn’t always fun. Just ask any kid, especially one in middle school. Taking an unpopular stand, joining a weird...

Femvertising. A round of applause for brands?

There's a new word in social media. Femvertising. Think Dove's Real Beauty campaign.  BlogHer 2015, the social media conference behemoth,...

Anxiety Epidemic: College Students More Worried Than Ever?

Over the past decade there has been mounting concern about the mental health of college students. Survey after survey, article and article , blog...

Fake Science: Parents have some relevant experience here

Another much-hyped study almost certainly will be yanked from the scientific literature. Retracted. Deleted but not forgotten. It was too good to...

The One About Mothers Who Stay Home

Another entry in the Mommy Wars. Poor Little Rich Women in this week's New York Times. This time the target is wealthy women on the Upper East...
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