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Newton, Massachusetts
After graduating Brown medical School in 1982, I have integrated Western medicine with Chinese medicine. I love to teach women about their symptoms which are not to be ignored or written off as "just part of being a woman!' My book, The Natural Hormone Makeover (Wiley, 2008) explains how... Full Bio
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What Treatments Worked?

Many people email me and ask what treatments I would have done differently.  The biggest advice is this:  there are many ways to treat Lyme, at...

Being “hormonal” is a GOOD thing!

Tired of hearing about how horrible it is to feel “hormonal?” Here’s the good things our hormones are meant to do: Estrogen gives women...

Avoid Lyme This Summer and Learn How To Remove a Tick

Tick Removal Since the longer a tick stays attached to someone the more likely they are to become infected with a disease, their prompt...

PMS Myth Buster

If you or your daughter is planning on reading Cosmo this month at the beach- be aware that their article on PMS is misleading. It starts...

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Dec 19 2010 by GNB
Hi Doc.  If you would have any interest in alternative and complementary medicine that is working, I'd suggest you read the results in a facebook community that is actually getting well by training their autonomic systems in a cellular 'behavioral modification program.'  Just type 'advanced cell training' on the FB search bar and read what the lyme folks are reporting on symtpom alleviation.  Very exciting.  Sometimes, nature can perform prior to science's understanding.  My best  ~Gary

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