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Dr. Paul V. Doctor of Chiropracty

Chicago, Illinois
Dr. Paul G. Varnas graduated from the National College of Chiropractic (currently called the National University of Health Sciences) and has been in private practice in the Chicago area for over 20 years. Dr. Varnas has been a faculty member at the National University of Health Sciences, teaching... Full Bio
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May 27 2009 by teenz2983

Dr Paul,

Ive had several thyroid tests done over the past year, and my TSH has been above 2.0, sometimes going above 4.0, but no one has been ableto diagnose me with hypothyroidism. I feel tired all the time, yawn all day, my hands and feet are icy cold all the time, my hair falls. the tiredness is quite debilitating.

Recently my mom and maternal grandmother were diagnosed with hyptothyroidism, with my mother's being in a late stage. What do I do? Ive been to several doctors to no avail



Jan 06 2009 by samitch24

I have an enlarged thyroid and an enlarged ovary. i had tests on my thyroid and everything came back fine. Could this be caused by the same thing? or should i have more tests?