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Dr. Nundy

Chicago, Illinois
Dr. Nundy is a medical resident in internal medicine passionate about preventive health care. BeyondApples.Org is a dedicated preventive health care blog that seeks to empower readers about medical services proven to prevent disease and save lives. His first book is Stay Healthy At Every Age: What... Full Bio
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Eating Soup with a Fork: Reshaping Global Health Care Delivery to Meet the Challenges of NCDs

In the lead up to the UN High-Level Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), there is been much discourse – and the rightfully so – on the...

Figuring Out What Primary Care Is All About

After three years of clinical practice, I’m still not sure what being a primary care doctor means. This is especially odd because not only am I on...

From Diseases to Behaviors: A New Way of Looking at Health

What is the leading cause of death in the United States? Heart disease? Cancer? Smoking. Smoking? Yes, depending on how you ask the question. In...

Dietary Guidelines 2010: A Worthwhile Read

In case you missed it Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010 was published this month.1 Commissioned by law, the Dietary Guidelines are revised...

A Taste of Canada on Chicago’s South Side

This past September, a group of medical residents at my institution began seeing primary care patients at a free clinic down the street from our...

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May 25 2010 by msqween
Hello dr im 36 and i have trace mitral reguration and Arotic valve Sclerosis, can you tell me if its possable for arotic valve sclerosis to stay the same though out a lifetime and never get so bad you would need valve surgery?
Oct 15 2009 by MaggyAnne
Hello Dr. Nundy.......nice to be your friend.