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How To Lower your Risk of Heart Disease

The leading cause of death right now is Cardiovascular Disease and statistics has shown that 1 in 3 will die from Cardiovascular Disease and it...

Are You Depressed? How To Tell, What To Do

  At any given time, it's estimated that five to seven percent of Americans suffer from depression. Yet, many of these people are too...

Bone Density and FRAX Testing

What Is FRAX? Old way to be responsible: Ask your doctor about a bone density test. New way: Find a doctor who knows her FRAX -- and if...

Weight Loss Tips That Work

Weight Loss Tips That Work! Weight management is all about health. In a culture that has produced Barbie and a media filled with waiflike...

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Py142 wrote on Dr. Nancy T.'s Whiteboard. May 30 2010

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May 30 2010 by Py142

I read your post on chronic pain. I need some pointers on this.

I am in a pain clinic where they have me on multiple pain killers and i will not take them because they make me nausous. My pain in real and the numbness in my arm is frustrating. what do i do?



Dec 03 2008 by shixianli
hi,nice to meet you there,I am nice to see you are studying chinese medicine,because I am a chinese girl.
Nov 25 2008 by Dr. Nancy T.
Hi I am Dr. Tice I am a Medical Doctor who is now studying naturopathic and Chinese medicine. I look forward to participating here!

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