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Dr. Nagaraj

Nashville, Tennessee
I am a cancer researcher who has many years of research experience in Nutrition and Oncology. Currently, I am a faculty member at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, USA.
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Foods containing dietary fiber can help to prevent cancer

The concept of dietary fiber arose from observations of the low prevalence of colon cancer, diabetes and coronary heart disease in parts of Africa...

Phytochemicals which can prevent Cancer: recent investigations

Phytochemicals which can prevent cancer: From veggie burgers to milk to protein bars, soy beans are known as a nutrient rich ingredient-...

Phytochemicals to prevent cancer

Plants contain a wide range of biologically active compounds, some of which are known as phytochemicals. There may be as many as 100000 different...

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Thank you for your info on your site of : Foods containing dietary fiber can help 2 prevent cancer, as to eating almonds, avocodos, blackberies and more.. thanks again..  my eating habits are changing..
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