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Boston, Massachusetts
I am a physician specializing in geriatrics and palliative care. My scholarly interest is in ethical issues near the end of life, and I have written 4 books for a general audience. I see patients for Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, a multi-specialty group practice in the Boston area, and am a... Full Bio
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Where is the lamp beside the golden door?

According to the New York Times , fewer than 2000 Syrian refugees have been accepted for resettlement to the United States. Of these, half are...

The Sound of Music

From a mathematical perspective, adding and subtracting are equivalent:  with addition, you perform an operation on two positive numbers; with...

Tra La La

Music decreases pain after surgery--see upcoming blog post.

Just the Facts

This week’s JAMA included an article  that describes prescription drug use in the US and compares current usage to the pattern twelve years...

Advantage: Medicare Advantage

I’ve always liked the idea of a geriatric managed care organization. I liked it back when they were called Medicare HMOs (after they were first...

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Feb 28 2010 by mario knowles
hello hope you can help i have a pain that is coming from my hip area its on top of the crack of the hip starts and before you get to the hole off the [Ass] .Thank you

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