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Dr. Michael Berry

California 92867
Dr. Michael Berry is one of the most well known chiropractors in Orange, California under whose leadership the Katella Chiropractic Wellness Center in Orange provides personalized chiropractic solutions to all.
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Feb 05 2014 by Dr. Michael Berry

After you meet an accident or suffer from pain, you not only need to meet your health professional like medical doctor or chiropractor but you also need to check with an attorney. Read this informative blog to address all pain issues that ‘show up after you've been involved in an accident.   After An Auto Accident

Aug 26 2013 by Dr. Michael Berry
It is really good how more and more groups are taking up this issue of recovery from drug addiction and helping people in a big way.It is also because these peer recovery groups,that are working tirelessly to bring relief to indivisuals and their families,which they need to achieve and sustain in long recovery time.
Jul 01 2013 by Dr. Michael Berry
There are more than 300 reasons that may cause headaches with mild or severe intensity in people. But the good news is that chiropractic treatment can help get relief most of the headaches in just a few sittings. This has been proved yet again in a recent research.
Jun 07 2013 by Dr. Michael Berry
Both massage and exercise relieve aches and pain from sore muscles equally according to a new research. The reason behind it being that both clear out the metabolic products that is associated with tissue damage.
Jun 01 2013 by Dr. Michael Berry
Acoustic Compression Therapy (ACT) or the Shockwave therapy is a very effective pain management treatment and is a patient-guided focused therapy-Shockwave therapy is an effective treatment option in orthopedic and rehabilitation medicine. It is a non- invasive treatment.  
May 30 2013 by Dr. Michael Berry
A latest research suggest that its better to do warm up exercises instead of stretching before heavy exercises to avoid damage to the cells and muscles.
May 27 2013 by Dr. Michael Berry

How are you celebrating Memorial Day? Are you participating in any events being organised in Washington City or taking National Memorial Day Concert on the west lawn of the U.S.

May 14 2013 by Dr. Michael Berry
One of the leading chiropractors of the US of A, Dr. Michael D. Berry D.C., was one of the first in administering the FDA approved Class IV Laser therapy in Orange, CA to his patients.
May 02 2013 by Dr. Michael Berry
As a result of their academic education and extensive professional training chiropractors are considered to be primary health care professionals. Chiropractors involve natural, drug-free, non-invasive and extremely comfortable manual therapy techniques to restore functions of the body and promote healing.
May 02 2013 by Dr. Michael Berry