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As celebrity-driven cultural images of pregnancy are dictating how women should look and feel during pregnancy, The Baby Bump Project, founded by Dr. Meredith Nash seeks to reveal how everyday women struggle with the pressures be pregnant and perfect. Far removed from the glossy image of the baby... Full Bio
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Study examines changing attitudes to the 'baby bump' - ABC Hobart - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

A little bit of media coverage of my new study...... Study examines changing attitudes to the 'baby bump' - ABC Hobart - Australian...

New research project!!!

Oh it has been such a long time since I've posted here...but let me tell you, I have been a busy little bee. Now, that I've finally gotten my...

Mariah: the pregnant oversharer

There is a point when sharing every morsel of information about your pregnancy is too much information. Case in point: Mariah Carey. She has...

Tori S. preggers

So no one could be more excited than me about Tori Spelling's announcement of her third pregnancy! I followed her first two pregnancies and now I...

Ryan Phillippe/Alexis Knapp debacle

Rage: So the word is that Ryan Phillipe's ex, Alexis Knapp is pregnant with his child. What annoys me is that everyone has been writing about this...
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