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Specialty: Internal Medicine
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I am board certified in internal medicine and have been practicing for over a decade. I am also an Associate Professor of Medicine at The George Washington University School of Medicine. My time is split between teaching medical students and residents, and caring for my patients.
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Apr 07 2010 by Kents

I used Chantix to successfully quit smoking--I was on it for less than a month and stopped about 3 weeks ago but am having some minor erectile problems; inability to climax and not as firm as in the past--Mostly when using a condom.

How long do you think this will continue?

Sep 10 2009 by Alba
My 2 yr. grandson has been prescribed asthma pump for six months, since if he is taken off it, he gets sick and develops bronchiolitis. I am concerned about the continuous use of this medication for such prolongued  and recurrent time spans. What could happen? Can he become dependent on it? Thanks for your help.

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