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Dr. Martha Peaslee Levine Medical Doctor

Specialty: Psychiatry
Hershey, Pennsylvania
Dr. Martha Peaslee Levine is the Director of the Adult Partial Hospitalization and the Intensive Outpatient Programs in the Eating Disorders Clinic at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry. As a psychiatrist, Dr. Levine works with young... Full Bio
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Feb 10 2010 by Ann T.
What dosage of baclofen would be typical to suppress alcohol cravings?  Do yo prescribe this drug to help those with drinking issues?   I have heard only positive things about this drug... What is your opinion?
Oct 31 2009 by bharagv

What is the simple treatment for diplopia near problem????

The patient is the boy of 12 year....He exuses that he can see the things  far from him single &He has +1.25 R.E. & +1.50L.E. ...

Jul 02 2009 by jun s.

Hello Dr,

 My 3.5 years old son has the following chronic cough happens when ever he is sick. It is same symptom and sequence.

"Gets cold, little throat infection, and fever sensation, we go to doctor, doctor suggest step test nagitive, just viral infection (little red), no antiboitic given by doctor. we go home, second day high fever, cold, give him tylnol. thirday running nose stops, day starts with dry evening nose become decongested, cough increases..then we have to start nebulization treatment with albutral for 3 days...


It happens same seqenece all the can I preving his wheezing ? These doctors are crazy...they just follow same stuff....

thanks in advance.

Dec 15 2008 by vpn.cluster.ha
I have a sharp poking pain in the middle of my throat, I would say very close to adam`s apple. I don`t have a problem swallowing. The pain is sharp but comes and goes. It has been with me for the past three weeks.
The doctor gave me azithromycin but it seems ineffective. Any ideas what this might be.