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Dr. Lynn Dorman Doctor of Philosophy

Specialty: Developmental Psychology
Portland, Oregon
I am a native New Yorker whose background includes a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology and a law... Full Bio
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Jan 09 2013 by Binta Desmond
Hi dear I am Miss Binta Desmond,I wish we can become friend? I have something I will like to share with you,I know my meeting you will not offend you in any way. I hope to hear from your kind respond before I will proceed, you can get me via this id,( and i promise to send you my pictures to know whom i am. Thanks
Dec 06 2010 by olwinandrsn
i slamed my finger the one next to the pointer wnd ring finger it is swollen to the point where it is cool to touch. it was slamed between a swinning door and a brick wall should i go have it checked
Oct 19 2009 by Bettie S.
I have this same problem, my thighs ache and especially at night, once I start to move around either I don't focus on the paid or it eases.  From my knee up is so painful and even sometimes my lets hurt. I can take an advil and that helps but I need answers or to know what to do.
Sep 06 2009 by cherie t.


Lynn:...ho ware you helping others in this economy !!! Tell me more, tell me more??!! Because so AM I !!!! 

Mar 03 2009 by Dr. Lynn Dorman, PhD, JD

Lynn is helping others earn extra income in this economy - by teaching them to help others!


Feb 08 2009 by DBasye
Thanks! Your name sounds very familiar. I have to say, I'm not sure what to make of Wellsphere just yet. I'm not quite sure how to use it.
Jan 27 2009 by rwboughton
Hi.  Glad to meet you.
Nov 04 2008 by Dr. Lynn Dorman, PhD, JD
just got back to Pilates after a long hiatus - but I was reminded how mcuh I liked it - unfortunately I like to do too many things and there is never enough time :-)