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Dr. Lynn Dorman Doctor of Philosophy

Specialty: Developmental Psychology
Portland, Oregon
I am a native New Yorker whose background includes a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology and a law... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
I understand your concerns but I can not offer much advice here as I am not a... more
May 09 2012 8:32pm
Eyes do change as we age. You just might need a new prescription or a different brand... more
Jan 29 2012 8:25pm
Some areas have dental services for people at low or no cost and some places have... more
Jun 21 2011 2:04am
I'm not sure why her provider is not seeing her, but you might want to find a health... more
Apr 03 2011 3:29am
Please have her see her dentist or her private health care provider, who know her best,... more
Feb 07 2011 5:37pm
I'm not sure what your specific question is - but please try to get this person to see... more
Jan 31 2011 12:19am
Best you call your physician who might ask for a sample of whatever it is more
Nov 25 2010 11:26pm
Please see a physician. more
Nov 25 2010 11:24pm
Does the gym offer yoga classes? I've been doing yoga for decades as it's a great way... more
Nov 17 2010 4:43am
It's probably best to ask the provider who ordered this test who can answer in the... more
Oct 12 2010 11:21am