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For the past 15 years I had been in private practice helping people regain their "health" and "fitness" through natural, holistic medicine. My training in Sports Medicine, Nutrition and as a Strength and Conditioning Coach gives me the insight to help connect health and fitness. As a result of my training and the problems I have seen I created The Work Horse Fitness Trainer to help both men and women who have neglected half their upper body because... Full Bio
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Running Away from Smog

As much as I encourage everyone to jog or run, the one thing I always try and tell my patients and clients is NOT to run close to the highway. ...

When to Eat those Carbs

  Many of the patients and clients I work with are trying to minimize their carbohydrate intake in order to keep themselves in their fat...

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Mar 02 2011 by Dr. Len

Diet and Exercise Tip

If you are following a low carb diet, the best time to eat carbs are after your workout. 

The reason for that is simple – your blood sugar is probably low and needs to be replenished also, the cells of your body are receptive to the additional sugar (glucose).

Carbs are your quick energy fuel and need to remain at a certain level to maintain a good workout.

Hope that helps you can find more health and fitness tips at

Feb 19 2011 by Dr. Len

I've exercised all my life, but have gotten lazy OR it could be the birth of three kids in the past four years. There's the Time, but I need to get back in shape especially when you consider this is the field I work in and am also beginning to market my new fitness product The Work Horse Trainer. I need to get committed again and come to grips that if I can't working out early in the am, I need to do it after the kids go to sleep, so any help and encouragement would be greatly appreciated.



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