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Dr. Laurie W. Doctor of Philosophy

Specialty: Clinical Psychology
Littleton, Colorado
Relationship coach and marriage counselor, Laurie Weiss, Ph.D. has spent over thirty-five years... Full Bio
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Stroking Without Sex

This article was originally published in March, 1976, in The Second Page, a publication of a long-defunct organization called Beyond Divorce...

Learn Something New Together

Attend classes and workshops together. Going through an adult education catalog and choosing what you would like to learn together is a...

Appreciate the Thought and Tell the Truth — Graciously

Create a mutually loving way to communicate when one of you receives a gift that doesn’t work for you. Have this important conversation...

Negotiate and Renegotiate

Renegotiate financial agreements as your circumstances change. Changing paychecks, changing personal and family needs, and changing...

Make Important Decisions Together

Share the power and the decision-making. Avoid the resentment that comes when one is burdened with responsibility and the other resents being...

Dr. Laurie W.'s Answers

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Jan 11 2011 by Dr. Laurie W., PhD
Sorry, this question is outside my expertise.
Jan 11 2011 by tommo
i am taking spironolactone find it difficult to get or maintain an errection is there an alternative without this side effect

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